Journal Articles

Use of Open-source Online Course Content for Training in Public Health Emergencies: Evidence from COVID-19 Education for Health Professionals

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A Participatory Qualitative Study on the Barriers to COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance to Improve Messages for Vaccine Uptake in Indigenous Populations in the Central Highlands of Guatemala

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The Rise and Professionalization of the American Fundraising Model in Higher Education

Skinner, N. (November 2019). Philanthropy & Education, 3(1), 23–46. DOI 10.2979/phileduc.3.1.02

The Rise of the Organisational Society in Canadian and U.S. Textbooks: 1836-2011

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Rights, Conflict, and Removal: Depictions of Indigenous Groups in Californian and Texan History Textbooks, 1836-2019

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Evaluating the Impact of a Linguistically and Culturally Tailored Social Media Ad Campaign on COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Among Indigenous Populations in Guatemala: A Pre/post Design Intervention Study

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Individual and Collective Social Justice Education: Comparing Emphases on Human Rights and Social Movements in Textbooks Worldwide

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Integrating Wikipedia Editing into Health Professions Education: A Curricular Inventory and Review of the Literature

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BOOK Chapters

The Impact of the Pandemic on Global Health Education

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Marketing the American University: Professionalization of Development in Entrepreneurial Universities

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World Culture, Education, and Organization.

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Web-Based Articles

A Legacy of Groundbreaking Feminism: Myra Strober Shares Her Story

Skinner, N. (2016). Gender News. Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University.

Learning & Dreaming in Ixil

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The Battle Over Sex and Language in California’s Schools: Reviewing Classroom Wars

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Mentoring Program Inspires Girls to Explore Careers in STEM

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